I have decided to stop being the Queen of Procrastinating and start to do all the tags and accept all the awards that have been neglected for months now. This is mainly due to 2 reasons – Firstly because even though I have gazillion ideas in mind, I am finding it hard to put them on paper and secondly because my friends are eating my brains out.

So, it’s only fair that I start from Sonia’s tag (who is the one eating my brains out) which she tagged me like 6 months ago (Geez! no wonder she is mad at me). Today I m gonna write about my Top Ten Favorite Shows Ever!

1) Friends

I watch way too much Television 798901

Who doesn’t like this show? Its one of the best shows ever made! Its one of those shows that lifts my mood up and puts a smile on my face always. Every character in this is funny in his/her own way. The best part of the show was the chemistry between the lead actors. I love love this show and miss it a lot! I hope that one fine day Friends movie is made.

2) American Idol

I watch way too much Television american idol season 9 judges

I am huge fan of this show and a bigger fan of Simon Cowell. Infact the main reason I the watch the show is him. Anyways this season though I m kind of disappointed with the show. I just like 2 from the TOP 12 and that’s a shocker because I always find it to tough to pick even my top 3. After picking Top 3 i pick the One I like the most and sometimes they do end up wining like David Cook.  This time though,  I just like Lee and Crystal but hope that Lee ends up wining as he is awesome!

I watch way too much Television Untitled 1hhre

3) Bones

I watch way too much Television n

Its one of the many crime investigation shows that I watch and love. I watch shows that are mysterious or romantic or comical. This show has the 3 elements. Yeah, its mainly forensic science but Booth and Bones  provide the show romance and Bones seems like the soul sister of Sheldon Cooper.

4) The Big Bang Theory

I watch way too much Television season 2 promo pic the big bang theory 2847657 2500 1667

When Srikanth told me about the show, I thought he has a weird comic sense… I mean how can geeks be funny? But man, was I wrong… its one of the funniest shows I have ever seen! I have seen the 1st 2 seasons (i have them on DVD 😉 ) of the show like a zillion times but every time I see them I laugh as if I have just seen it.  I m seriously in love with Sheldon Cooper. He is the jaan (heart) of the show.

5) Criminal Minds

I watch way too much Television 2lazj2v

This show is so unique when compared to other murder investigation shows. I love the show because unlike the other shows it doesn’t concentrate on the clues in the crime scene or the body or whatever but on the psychology of the criminal. The show is so amazing… seriously watch the show once, you will know what I m talking about.

6) Bewitched

I watch way too much Television s1threesomepage

This is the my first TV show ever! I started watching and following this show when I was 8 (along with Small Wonder) and till date I love the show and its also kinda special cause it was the first show I ever saw. I remember watching this show wishing and I was a witch too and hoping that  I could twitch my nose and get what ever I want. I so wish I had powers! Aunt Clara’s character is my favorite. She was so cute and adorable :P.

I watch way too much Television Samantha and Aunt Clara bewitched 2077899 260 294

7) How I Met your Mother

I watch way too much Television 0000039616 20070509125828

How will I not like the show that has some as AWESOME as Barney Stinson in it? I mean the Barney’s Character is so so awesome. Yeah, in real life I might be repulsed by a guy like that but he is so funny that I can’t resist falling in love with him. Thanks to this show I think I have a crush on Neil. I m not sure if it’s him or just Barney that I like :P.

8 ) Charmed

I watch way too much Television Charmed charmed 1741973 1024 768

I think this is the only drama genre show that I followed. The main reason I watched this show was because lead characters were cool kick ass witches and everyone had these awesome powers and they were saving the world from evil forces. It’s everyone’s dream right, to have supernatural powers and save the world and destroy evil or am I the only one??

9) Monk

I watch way too much Television Monk tv 12

I am desperately waiting for the last season of this show to air in India. I know it’s a happy ending. I love the Monk character in the show. He is so so cute if you ask me :P.

10) CSI

I watch way too much Television CSI NY

Don’t ask me which one I like the most as I like all the 3 shows equally. I don’t find them that much different from each other expect for the cast. I like the cast of CSI New York more; I like the characters of Mac Taylor and Don Flack the most.

Its was tough to pick. I feel like I have let down other favorite shows of mine :P.

PS- This is just first half of the tag. I still have to list down my ‘Ten Most Favorite TV Couples’. I will do that soon :).

So what are your favorite shows?