Namaste and welcome to my blog. 

I am Harini. A thirty something year old creative and content writer from Hyderabad. India.

I am thrilled to have you stop by my little corner on the web.

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This blog was created in May 2009 as an online space to share snippets of my life, my love for reading and talk about the things I found interesting. Over the last decade the name of blog kept changing but the content mostly remains the same. This is still a space where I share everything under the sun that I find intriguing. 

So, what exactly is Harini Blogs Here?

Harini Blogs Here doesn’t really fit in just one category, it’s more of a life blog. This is a space where I share anecdotes of my life, adventures and misadventures I embark upon, tales about my travels, my favorite books, movies I see, my love for photography, music, cricket, food, etc. As I’m trying to explore a more sustainable lifestyle, I’ll also be posting about the same. From time to time I also share my poetry and fiction.

In a nutshell this space is where I share a slice of my life, talk about my passions, voice my opinion and hope to be heard.

Meet the face behind the blog

If you hang around this blog for any amount of time, you will learn a lot about me. But until then let me briefly introduce myself.

I am a thirty something year old living in India with my husband, an occasional dog (a long story), my mother-in-law and my dad. Ours is a very weird family set up but it works wonderfully for us. Get to know more about us on my Instagram page.

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I have a Bachelor’s degree in Science with a major in Biotechnology. It was during the time that I was preparing for my Master’s entrance exam that I started this blog and it changed everything. I finally had an epiphany. I pursued writing as my career. I then went on to get a Master’s degree in English. Long story short, I have been a creative and content writer for nearly a decade now.

My love for writing is a direct by product of my love for reading. I have always found solace in reading. I remember devouring Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Secret Seven and Famous Five mysteries in my childhood. Then one day my Grandfather came home with a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and things were never the same again. 

I always dreamed of travelling the world someday. But little did I know that slowly but surely that dream of mine will come true. When I first met Cnu (the name my husband prefers) in 2014 we connected over our shared love for travel. We spent hours talking about all the places we wanted to visited. Somewhere along the way, the conversations changed and before we knew it, we were planning trips together. In the last five years we have been to over 9 countries and 10 states in India. And our journey just begun. Follow our travels here.

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My innate love for animals and nature has started me on a path of sustainable living. I have realized that being a vegetarian isn’t enough and have slowly started to make small changes to help preserve our beautiful and diverse planet. Baby steps will go a long way in making sure that ecstasy that one feels when in midst of nature never fades.

More Random Things About Me

  • I am Cinephile. Follow me on Letterboxd.
  • I can speak in 4 languages (English, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada.), read and write in three (English, Hindi and Telugu). I am currently learning Spanish. Hola y bienvenido.
  •  Feminist and 🌈
  • I love food and sometimes find cooking to be very cathartic. 
  • Cricket always has my heart.
  • The smell of soil when it rains, freshly baked bread and lavender would be the three aromas I smell in Amortentia.
  • I am fond of making never ending lists and trying to cross them off.

There is so much more about me, hopefully you can follow my journey here and get to know me better.

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