The lazy ass me has finally decided to pick up the Honest Scarp Award given by Aditi (4 months ago) and Kanagu (nearly 2 months ago).

Like every award this also comes with a set of rules –

1. I must thank the person who gave me the award and list their blog and link it.

2. I must list 10 honest things about myself.

3. I must put a copy of Honest Scrap logo on my blog.

4. I must notify the bloggers of the award (I will try to do this but seriously shouldn’t they be reading my blog in 1st place?)

Wanna Know me??? honestscrapaward1

So, here are the 10 honest things about me you guys probably dint know.

1) I Hate Lizards: These are probably the only creatures on the planet earth I wish were extinct (well, at least extinct in my home). The worst part is that, they seem to love me. I run  away from them and they always follow me like a hutch dog. I so wish it was a dog following rather than ugly creepy lizards :eek:.

2) I am extremely clumsy: If you ever wanna show your kids or anyone what being clumsy means, then I am the one for you. I trip while walking even on smooth floors; I can hardly hold something in my hand without throwing it down (I wonder how my mobile survives) and I walk into things  hurting my feet, elbows, shoulders etc… no I am not talking about when it’s dark. I walk into things even in broad day light :P.

3) I am a Foodie: I love food!!! I am absolutely crazy about food,  may be that’s one of the reasons I enjoy cooking. The best part though (according to my family) is that I eat anything that’s on my plate and don’t make a fuss about it.

4) I tried to be a Vegan and failed: I am a vegetarian and I proudly say that I never touched meat nor had an urge to eat it. I never bought animal products.  So, I thought how hard would it be to become a Vegan?  I tried but failed miserably.  I just couldn’t give up on Chocolates, yogurt and milk. I don’t drink coffee or tea, so I basically survive on milkshakes when I am out with friends.

5) I cry while watching movies and reading books: This is very embarrassing to admit but yeah I cry while watching movies and reading books. What’s even weirder is that I seem to cry more while reading books than while watching movies. It’s just that I get so attached to the characters in the book that I start to feel like they are real people. Weird! Weird! Weird! 😳

6) I hate summers: Yes, I used to look forward for summer every year when I was a kid but I never liked them. My body can’t handle the heat. I get sun strokes and end up in bed dehydrated anytime I am out in sun. My whole skin burns and I am get those chubti jalti gharomiya :mad:.

7) I m not a morning person: In the mornings I not look like a Zombie but also act like one. I need my own sweet time to wake up. I enjoy silence in the morning. I hate the way my maid bangs the door every morning and wakes me up.

8 ) I like good cricket: I know, by now all of you know I am cricket fanatic and this is nothing new. What I am trying to say is that, I am not that disappointed with the result if I get to see good and fighting cricket by the team i support. I love close matches and enjoy them the most… be it low scoring or high. Saying this, I also need to say that being an India I always wish we win 🙂 but if the opposition plays good, I don’t care if I am the only lunatic applauding them, I would do it :D.

9) I hate hospitals: There is something about the hospital environment that depresses me. I hate going there. I hate the smell of it. Its just that I have been through horrible stuff related to hospitals and every time I am there, the memories come rushing back.

10) I love to read: I love reading and sometimes I am so into a book, that I carry it even to the loo without my knowledge. While traveling the one thing that you find in my hand bag for sure would be a book. I just can’t imagine traveling with out my best friend.

Now, I want to pass on this award to few people. It’s really difficult as most of you guys already have this award under your belt.

Jaunty anima






Wait! I am not done yet, I have a pretty similar tag aka anonymous award by Ashley (ofcourse given like zillion years ago)which I haven’t done.

1) List 7 things about yourself that nobody knows.

2) Pass on this award to 7 other people.

3) Comment on their blog and let them know that they are tagged.

So, here are 7 more things about me (yeah, it’s my blog. So, I am gonna talk about me… like it or not).

1) I used to be apprehensive about getting on an escalator before. I had once seen this women’s sari being caught and that wasn’t a pretty sight. But now I am used to it.

2) Recently I have discovered that my patience has a limit (thankfully). I can be very patient and take your crap to an extent but the moment I reach my limitation point… I don’t bother about you or your crap anymore. You loose my respect and you mean nothing to me.

3) I truly believe that, once trust is broken, you can never get it back. Even if you do there would always be doubts lingering in your mind.

4) I am a feministic. Not the ones who believe in male bashing but the ones who truly and completely believe in equality.

5) I loose interest in things easily. Something should be very intriguing to hold my interest. That’s the reason I judge a book as soon as read 1/4th of it. If it doesn’t interest me, I don’t read it. Oh, people need to be interesting too for me to like them.

6) I used to be a Tom-Boy before. I hated dressing up even for a wedding. Even now, when I am at home, I am always in my pajamas but when I go out I dress up. May be because of him *shrugs*.

7) I don’t believe in the rules set by society. I think they ruin our lives more than anything else.

Now, I tag Sourav, Neha, Guria, Communi, Pavitra, Riya, Raj Lakshmi, Neha Hadkar, Miss Sunshine and Psych Blabber.

Have fun doing the tag ;).