Ever since I was a kid, I have been a day dreamer. I always dreamt of things I wanted, things I wanted to do or things I want others to do for me. I called it ‘my list’. Even though people say I am a grown up now, I am no different. I still have my list written in my diary which gets upgraded every now and then. The list doesn’t have a time line. Its just a list of things I hope to do in this life time.

Anyways, today I have decided to make my list public. Here is my Bucket list –

Things I wanna do in this Life Dream List

Get a job that not only pays well but I also love.

Travel to 4 other countries other than India.

Get to my ideal weight not size skinny mind you.

Get married to guy of my dreams and have a happy family with him.

Live in another country for atleast an year.

Learn Guitar.

Things I wanna do in this Life Guitar

Work or open a charity organization.

Write a song.

Get one of my works published.

Write a book.

Make a snow man.

Things I wanna do in this Life snowman

Own my own personal library.

Run a marathon or even half.

Get my Dream Camera.

Get interviewed.

Visit as many places as possible for this list.

Go on an African Safari (if i cant then any safari will do).

Learn dancing (preferably Salsa or Belly Dancing).

Things I wanna do in this Life Dance

Learn to swim and go for Scuba Diving in the Great Barrier Reef.

Learn to drive.

Go to a live concert.

Go to the top of Eiffel Tower.

Make a difference in someone’s life.

Donate my eyes.

Donate blood (I m ready to give, none are ready to take).

Learn to make cookies and cakes from scratch.

Things I wanna do in this Life cake

Fly a kite all by myself (i.e without Dad yelling at me, snatching the kite off my hand and flying it for me).

Learn skating.

Travel in a ship.

Paint on canvas and for once have guts to show off the terrible painting.

Kiss a dolphin.

Go bungee jumping or sky diving.

Ride a hot air balloon.

Go trekking (did it once loved it, wanna do it again).

Build a sandcastle.

Things I wanna do in this Life sandcastle

Watch an opera or Broadway musical or play.

Watch a cricket match in the stadium.

Spend a day doing crazy things which I would never do in sane mind.

Get a tattoo.

Learn to cook many more dishes.

Go dancing.

Sing in public… something like karaoke.

Own an amazing pair of stilettos and learn to walk in them in lady like manner.

Things I wanna do in this Life stilletos

Own a house of my dreams and do the interiors myself.

Kiss in rain.

Have a candle light dinner.

Learn Spanish (I don’t know why but I love this language).

Go on a picnic (can u believe it, I have never gone on one?)

Travel in a ship.

Have pet dog or cat or any animal.

Things I wanna do in this Life dog
(all pics from weheartit.com)

This is all I can think of now. And everytime I do something in my bucket list, I am gonna blog about it ;).