I am 29 years old now. That means I have finally entered the 3-0 club. And I feel no different. Just because I am 30 I don’t think I have matured or am suddenly capable of imparting wisdom. Oh, there was a time when 30 was old for me. I thought being 30 would mean the end of the world as it is. But, how naïve I was. Age is just a number and there is so much more I still have to learn and do.

After the turbulent May, things have been settling down off late. One unforeseen event can cast its long disconsolate shadows for months to come. But the best part of life is that it’s never completely black. There will always be happy moments.

We have also settled in our brand new house. The natural light and fresh air coursing through this house fill the home with positivity. It is in stark contrast to the dreariness of our old house. That it not to say our old place was bad. It’s after all our very first adobe and will also remain special to us. The best part of this house though is the balcony. It’s where we spend most of our evenings. Our balcony is currently my favorite reading spot.

Talking about reading, reading has taken a backseat for the past couple of months… especially pleasure reading. With my assignments being due, I spent most of July end and August locked up with my books. This means I have fallen very short of my book challenge of reading 52 books. I do hope to catch up but given that I am in my final year of my Masters and I have another set of assignments to submit in the month of November, I am really not sure if I can realistically complete the goal. But hey, a girl can dream.

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Currently, I dream of traveling. I crave to hit the road again and just drive off to distant place. Our last trip to Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lampur was fantastic. Our sole reason to revisit Bangkok so soon was to attend the Coldplay concert and I must say it was a dream come true. We even visited Universal Studios in Singapore and that was another best part of our trip. More about the trip later.

What have you guys been up to while I was gone?