When I was in my 2nd grade my teacher conducted a memory test. She put 10 things on a chair, outside the class room and every student was given a minute to memorize them. Then we had to list down the 10 things. I can proudly say that I was one of the two students who had got all the 10 things right. Since then, I have always been kinda proud of my memory. I know it’s not an extraordinary memory or a photographic memory like Sheldon but its good enough. Its remembers things that I want to remember like the birthdays, anniversaries, the good and bad things people say and do, people and their faces and names, where I put my things, mobile numbers etc. But something that it always fails to keep track of is dates (this in spite of me reading the news paper daily). And thanks to this little chunk in my other wise good memory, I end up doing some stupid and embarrassing things.

I am Awesome! embarrassed chimpanzee

Example 1:

Me: Hi ra, How are you?

S: I am fine darling. How are ya?

(We talk for about 10 minutes).

Me: So your birthday is in like 3 days. What are the plans?

S: Laughs

Me: What?

S: My birthday was 2 days ago.

Me: How is that even possible? I mean, your birthday is on 23rd of May.

S: Yes

Me: Yeah, so today is 19th

S: Laughs harder.

Me: What?

S: Honey, today is 25th.

Example 2:

Me: Hi babes, guess what…

(I go on talking for like 30 odd minutes. I am so excited that I dint even notice that all I got was ‘hmm’ from the other side).

Me: Yeah, ok. Chalo, I will give you a call back. Gtg now.  Bbye.

M: ok, bye.

(She hangs up and I think she was kinda rude. I see my cell phone and realize why).

Me: I am so so so so sorry. Happy Birthday babes!

M: Thanks for remembering finally.

Me: (feeling like worst person in the world 😳 ) I am so sorry Hun, I dint know it was 16th today. I mean you know me… I am so so so sorry.

M: What ever!

Example 3:

Me: Hello, where the hell have you guys been?

A: Good morning to you too.

Me: Yeah, what ever. But where have all you guys been? You guys haven’t bothered to ask if I am alive or dead.

A: We knew you weren’t dead. It’s not possible that a person like you can die without completing your mission of sending us to an asylum.

Me: Ha-ha! Very funny. Acha listen I have a plan.

A: Ok.

Me: This 14th is K’s birthday. So why don’t we all meet up.

A: But…

Me: Let me complete. It’s been so long since we met and also it would be a pleasant surprise for him as well. We all will chip in and buy that stupid game he is so craving for.

A: Not possible.

Me: Why not? Don’t give me reasons like; I have to study and blah blah.

A: Hani, it’s not possible because 14th was a week ago.

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Now, I have started to put reminders on my phone… not to remind me the birthdays of my friends but to remind me what day I m living in.