My most awaited movie of the year, Avengers: Age of Ultron, finally released over this weekend. Did I love the movie? Yes, I did. Did I think the movie was better than the first one? Absolutely not.

Things I liked –

Action: The movie is action packed and every action scene enthralls you and mesmerizes you. The action is one of its strong points. The showdown between The Hulk and The Iron Man is something I will remember for a long time.Iron Man vs Hulk

Ultron: If I am being honest here, before going to the movie, I thought that its villain will be its weak point. None of the Marvel Phase 2 villains have been as good as Phase 1 and also I thought that no one could ever match up to Loki and win my heart like he did. I was so very wrong. Ultron in fact is one of the best villains to come out of Marvel cinematic universe. He is sarcastic, intelligent, menacing and super fun. James Spader did a fantastic job as Ultron. He was the perfect casting choice for Ultron. I dint miss Loki and was taken completely by Ultron.


Characters: There were 9 Superheroes in this movie and I loved every single one of them. Many people thought that the Twins were an unnecessary edition but I loved them, especially Scarlett Witch. In the last movie Hawkeye was the weakest link in the team for me but in this movie Hawkeye had the best character development and most interesting character arc. Every character in this movie shines through. The characters share an amazing chemistry with each other and they play off each other brilliantly. The team trying to lift Thor’s hammer is one of the best scenes in the movie.

Thor Hammertumblr_ne74x6LL1o1qjmus3o1_r2_500tumblr_ne74x6LL1o1qjmus3o3_500tumblr_ne74x6LL1o1qjmus3o5_500tumblr_ne6xqhmLfr1qg1zuyo1_500tumblr_ne6xqhmLfr1qg1zuyo2_500

Dialogues: What made the first Avengers one of my favorite movies of all time was the dialogues, especially the one liners. This movie too is filled with many such one liners that make you laugh out loud. The wit and sarcasm that won your heart in the first movie will make you love the second one as well.


Reasons I Think First Avengers Is Still a Better Movie –

Dragged Out Climax: Throughout the first half the pacing of the movie was perfect. It was action packed and crisp without a single dull moment in it. But the second half, especially the climax, felt a bit dragged.

Story: As great as the movie was… the story was a bit lacking. The evil bad guy trying to destroy the world… haven’t I seen that already?

Better One Liners: I loved the dialogues in this movie… there is no mistaking that. But the dialogues in the first movie were epic. Nothing can beat this conversation between Captain America and Iron Man.tumblr_lswqrzfFjp1qc35ixo1_500tumblr_lswqrzfFjp1qc35ixo2_500

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All in all I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to everyone.

Rating – 4 Stars

4 Stars