This year got off to a busy and a rocking start. We went on a road trip to Kerala in the beginning of the year and then followed the exam frenzy. Now, things seem to have finally calmed down and I can finally create this list of resolutions goals for this year. After mulling over the 70 odd goals I have haphazardly jotted down in the journal I started this year, I have come down to 17 things that I definitely want hope to accomplish.

  • Read 52 Books
  • Watch 60 Movies
  • Learn to Drive
  • Write 60 Blog Posts
  • Lose Weight and Become Fit
  • Learn Swimming
  • Get Second Ear Piercing
  • Join Zumba Class
  • Learn Guitar
  • Travel to Three Different Countries and Indian States
  • Launch Our Travel Blog
  • Learn Baking
  • Get Scuba Diving Certification
  • Go to a Photography Class
  • Get Colony Animal Care Taker Card
  • Learn to Drape a Saree
  • Go on a Wildlife Safari

PS – I am posting this list after a month in draft so I guess laziness won again *sigh*.